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MYT Art Studio and Gallery, located in Fort Worth near the TCU Campus, is a space for exploring artistic creativity and discovering art’s potential.  The Studio offers innovative art courses for anyone, from age 5 to adults, and provides a space for artists and the public to share in artistic creation and development.

MYT Art Studio is owned and operated by Yeh-Ting (Tina) Ma, a professional artist and arts leader who loves Fine Arts education and Art & Design promotion. Tina is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA, and holds a degree in Business Design and Art Leadership and a minor in Painting. She also is a graduate of the Tainan University of Technology in Taiwan, where she earned a degree in Fine Arts focused on painting, composite media art, and art education for youth.

The Studio’s novel and enriching weekly arts curriculum includes drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, illustration, composite media creation, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, art history, and art appreciation and criticism classes. We value basic Fine Art skills and diverse aesthetics of art as foundations and springboards for artistic creation.

Through arts education, we stimulate children's artistic creative potential and encourage learning to communicate and solve problems in groups.

From our experiences in children's art education, we have found that art is not only about unlocking infinite personal creativity and aesthetics, but also cultivating a positive personality, self-confidence, friendly social relations, and improving overall academic performance and rewards.

In order to enhance the sustainable development of community arts, we also offer a physical Gallery space to rent, allowing artists and the public to create and hold art exhibitions and host art-related activities. We look forward to seeing and aiding in the creation and development of various art forms in Fort Worth.

We sincerely welcome you to participate in the Studio and Gallery’s art courses and activities, and to cultivate and create your own artwork and aesthetic life with us. We would love to see you for a tour of the studio and gallery. Just give us a call at (817) 945-1388 or email

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