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The photographic body of work Counterpoint The Climb is a contemporary extension of the New Topographics discourse. However, in its historical connection to past work, it does not deny emotional sentiment in its creation, nor does it deny the emotion it might instill in the viewer. The man-made change presented in the images does not only represent exploitation of the land, but inevitably causes similar emotional turmoil to humanity itself with the realization that man versus nature is a connection that can never be cut. To emphasize this, the dramatic or sublime is not avoided. The use of both the expansive daytime and moody night sky, which comprise large portions of the images, act as an untouched counterpoint to man’s creation of these once and still hopeful mausoleums. Culminating in a metaphorical perfection man tries to build towards, but always fails to reach.

Counterpoint The Climb: News
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